January, 2007 Reading Board
January, 2007Pre-K Safari Theme Board
Monthly Bulletin Boards
January 2007
March 2007 Bulletin Board
March, 2007 Reading Board
One of the themes for February was Friendship
February 2007
The first board is a door
I gave some children a key cut out of
construction paper and had them
decorate it. I put them up all around the

The second board is "Friendship Never Forgets" The Children made Heart shape Elephants and I used tin foil for the background.
February is also Dental Health Month
I made a giant Smiley Tooth and toothbrush and put:
Be Kind To Your Teeth around it.

The Reading board for Feb. was a giant
Chocolate Kiss Smiley I used foil for the background, I printed out a hershey bar and giant kisses for the boarder.
"Reading Is Sweet!"
February, 2007 Reading Board
April 2007 Bulletin Board
April 2007 Reading  Bulletin Board
November 2007 Bulletin Board
November 2007 PRE-K  Bulletin Board