Themes and Ideas to go with them
The Fabulous 50's Theme/Camp/Club
Hello Kitty Camp/Club
Hello Kitty Doorknob Hanger Craft
Hello Kitty Beadie Buddy
Hello Kitty Felt Pillow Craft
Hello Kitty Foam Purse Craft
Hello Kitty Yuddie
Hello Kitty Message Center Craft
Hello Kitty Headband Craft

Hello Kitty Cookies/Cupcakes
Hello Kitty tea Party Ideas
9-Hello Kitty Coloring Pages
Hello Kitty Games
Hello Kitty Recipes
Pin The Bow On Hello Kitty Game
Hello Kitty Beadie Keychain

Tied Felt Poodle Pillow
Pom Pom Poodle
Coon Skin Cap Craft
Cotton ball Poodle Art
50's Recipes
50's Games
9-50's Coloring Pages

Foam Horn Rim Glasses Craft
50's Girl Yuddie
50's Poodle Magnet
Poodle Beadie Keychain
Play Twister
Roller skate

Earthday Camp/Club
Earthday Cookies
Trash Mix
Dirt and Worm Cups
Earth Rice Krispies
The Earth's Candy Salad
Earth Games
Earthday Yuddie
Plant Head People

Planet Earth Beadie

Wild West Theme/ Camp/Club
Cowboy Hand Puppet
Horse Hand Puppet
Teddy B. Wilde Hand Puppet
Hobby Horse Craft
Sherriff Badges
Pom Pom Horse Pens
Paper Bag Cowboy Vests
Torn paper and Yarn Horse
Lucky Horseshoe Craft
Set of 3 western magnets
Horse Yuddie
Horse Beadie Buddy

Monthly Theme Ideas